Dissertations Chaired

"An Analysis of Acological and Social Rationality: When are lexicographic heuristics preferred? Dong-gook Kim, 2008

"Effects Of Free Riders And Incentive Discrimination On Customer Acquisition And Retention Resource Allocation" Geng Wang, 2006

"A Hybrid Model for Data Mining: Cluster Analysis with 2nd Order Rule Induction for Perspicuity"  William Hakes, 2004

"Weighted Window Method for Time Series Forecasting with an Artificial Neural Network"  Bradley Morantz, 2002

"An analysis of human factors that affect modification of pignistic probability when base rates are known"  Carol Hartz, 1998

"Hybrid systems for robustness and perspicuity: symbolic rule induction compared with a neural net or a statistical model" Gwangyong Gim, 1995

"Effects of communication media on human-computer and human-to-human interactions in distant group decision making" Young Jong Hur, 1992

"Evidential teams:  an investigation of the roel of information richness in cooperative decision making under uncertainty" Carl Bronn, 1990

"Effect of cognitive style and decision support system usage on perception of risk"  Jaganathan Iyengar, 1989

"The effectiveness of using nominal groups with dichotomous points of view for diagnosis and the generation of solution alternatives for ill-structured problems"  Arlin Davant Bullard, 1987

"Design and evaluation of a prototype fuzzy-logic-based knowledge based system for financial ratio analysis"  Fred Ganoe 1986

"Using a fuzzy expert system for decision support of the strategic planning process" Nancy Green Hall, 1985

I have also served on ten other doctoral dissertation committees and several masters thesis committees at Georgia State University.
I have served as the external member of a dissertation committee of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto.